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Pitta Dosha

Pitta is composed of fire and water and is responsible for digestion, assimilation and transformation. It expresses itself as the body’s metabolic process, rules all transformation within the body, promotes intelligence and understanding and relates to our will.

People with prominent Pitta dosha are usually of moderate weight and athletic build. These folks are precise, direct, courageous, focused and have powerful intellects. We may see them as brilliant teachers, public speakers or CEOs.

When out of balance they can be short tempered and argumentative. Factors that can aggravate Pitta are excessive intake of hot, spicy deep fried foods, alcoholic drinks, over exposure to sun and hot weather or chemicals and staying up late.

Signs you may need to balance your Pitta


Digestive issues - heartburn/ulcers

Appetite loss or excessive hunger

Signs of heat, hot flashes

Excessive anger/jealousy/rage

Overly competitive

Eye problems


Loss of confidence


Rashes, hives



Pitta Subdoshas

Pachaka Pitta resides in small intestines and stomach. It governs digestion, stimulates digestive enzymes and separates nutrients and wastes products. Imbalances with pachaka pitta can manifest as ulcers, hyperacidity and indigestion.

Ranjaka Pitta is located primarily in the liver and spleen and is involved in the production and maintenance of blood through the process of orthogenesis. It comes form the sanskrit word, to color.

Sadhaka Pitta is present in both the heart and the brain. It is responsible for intelligence and memory and relates to our emotions, cognition and understanding. It is Sadhaka Pitta that dynamically transforms thoughts into feelings, and in turn feelings into emotions and mental brilliance.

Alochaka Pitta governs optical perception. It gives luster to the eyes and is responsible for the contraction and dilation of the pupil, and is associated with clear perception.

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