Services Offered

Ayurvedic Consultations and Treatments

  • Initial consult – 2 hour consultation with in depth intake – $135.00
  • Follow up – one hour – $67.00
  • Ayurvedic Package of three – Initial consult plus two one hour follow ups – $245.00
  • One hour Abyanga /hot stone Massage + Ayurvedic Package of three – $305.00
  • Shirodahra with massage set of 3 with Ayurvedic intake & follow up – $515.00
  • Distance Skype/phone sessions available

Massage Therapy

Mendocino Ayurveda & Massage offers a variety of massage therapies.

Locals Discount
Folks who reside year-round on the Mendocino Coast receive a 10% discount on all massage services.

Additional services offered

  • Gift Certificates available
  • Custom packages
  • Ayurvedic cleanse support
  • Private Yoga instruction

Available for group instruction and workshops

  • Ayurveda Daily routine
  • Abyanga
  • Yoga for home practice
  • Ayurvedic seasonal home cleanse classes
  • Jyotish

Make an Appointment

You can make an appointment for a massage or an Ayurvedic consultation by filling out the form on this page or calling 707-877-1884.

Please note on the form what type of appointment you wish to make. Ayurvedic consults are more involved than massage appointments and information is listed below on what a consult entails.

What is involved in an Ayruveda consult?

The first consult begins with a detailed two hour client intake. You will receive a form via email once we have had an initial phone conversation and will send it back 5 days before the consultation so I can take some time to review your information beforehand.

The initial part of the first meeting begins with a pulse and tongue diagnosis to achieve an understanding of your Ayurvedic constitution (prakrutti) and receive a clear picture of some of the causes of imbalances (vikrutti). I also consult your Jyotish chart (Vedic astrology) to see if there are any latent patterns reflecting in the present.

After the intake, we move on to discuss recommendations based on the assessment and findings. These recommendation plans are based on your health concerns and goals. They are tailored specially with your needs in mind.

Recommendation plans may include:

Herbal formulations


Rasayanas (specific rejuvenative herb & mineral mixtures)

Ayurveda daily routines

Sleep routines or sleep hygiene



Abhanga - (daily self massage)

Detoxification or cleansing programs for your specific needs

Nutritional recommendations

**Please Note: Ayurvedic cleansing programs are a guided process and require additional fees as well as the purchase of any herbs.**

Also note Nicole recommends brands of prepared Ayurvedic herbs are strictly organic and maintain the highest standards.

Follow up Appointments

If you are a client and have chosen a three-part health consult series there is one two hour consult and two one hour follow up meetings. These are as important as the initial consult. The reason for follow up is to track changes and make adjustments. These follow up meetings can be in person or phone/Skype.

It is possible to book additional appointments to address longer term changes. Choosing and learning about Ayurveda does takes time. Some of us do better with consistent support through making these committed changes and healthy transitions. Nicole is interested in supporting those changes with her clients.

Cancellation Policy

Mendocino Ayurveda & Massage maintains a 24-Hour Cancellation Policy.

If you miss your appointment, or cancel it less than 24 hours in advance by phone/email you will be charged a $50.00 fee for each service and therapy scheduled.

We require a credit card to reserve any service or therapy.

Gift Certificates have an Expiration Date of three months from the date of purchase, which means that the recipient needs to call and schedule the services on the Gift Certificate before the expiration date.

Mendocino Ayurveda cannot honor expired Gift Certificates. Call if you need an extension before the Certificate expires.

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